5 ways of creating more storage space in your home

Bed Storage

If you find that your home seems to always be messy and cluttered, it may be the time to seek some organization ideas to help tidy up. One of the major causes of clutter is having too many items and lacking proper storage for them. If this is the case then you need to use your ingenuity to try and find new storage spaces and use the existing storage space more efficiently.  A proper storage system will make things more organized and free up even more space.

So which are the best areas to create storage areas?

  • Under the Stairs

Under Stairs Closet Storage Organization

If you live in a double story house or apartment, the space below the staircase may have a compartment or empty space that can work well as a storage area. This is a great place to store items that are not used regularly.

Under The Stairs Closet

  • Integrated furniture

Bed Storage


Purchasing furniture that already has storage areas is a great idea. For instance beds that come with sliding shelves will offer you more storage space hence avoiding the need to buy extra shelves. There are plenty of creative furniture ideas that incorporate storage facilities into the designs.

  • Use the walls

Wall Storage


In many cases the walls in homes are underutilized. Simple shelves and cabinets can create plenty of storage space without greatly affecting the overall look of a space.

  • Installing closets

Bedroom Closet Idea

Not all rooms come equipped with a closet and this may require you to install a basic closet where you can store items such as laundry, shoes towels and other items.

  • Under the bed

If you have a stilted bed, you can make use of the space below to store bulky items such as suitcases and chests.  This is an effective way of de-cluttering without having to purchase or install a storage fixture.Under Bed Storage


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