Luxurious Interior Design with Modern Glass and Modular Metallic Theme

Awesome Blue Pool outside the Sky Club Romania with many Cozy Sofas and the Bright Lighting

Live Concept has amazingly constructed a luxurious interior design for this lavish high class club titled Sky Club which is situated in Romania. The concept is about embracing minimalist futuristic style with some glass and modular metallic themes. It basically expresses the character of upper middle and high class society with full of contemporary vibe. The metal and glass were also accompanied by futuristic retractable roof, lucent glass facades and a plenty of light as well as a little bit of bright hues. The ambiance feels absolutely sophisticated, modern and sleek, while the outlook appears so futuristic and glam.

Basically the main entertainment area has a very modern private bar and gorgeous center area for V.I.P class. Through well composed interior design ideas, the wall was shaped with full of LED screens layer in high definition quality. An abundance of glamour tall mirrors were also installed for the wall, creating extreme futuristic atmosphere. The guests will amaze with full of excitement for sure. And of course another striking design could be seen in the first time when the guests entering the corridor. With lavish and a little bit classy style, the contemporary corridor was completed with red velvet panels, glam black plastered ceiling and some antique pendant lamps.

Bright Chandelier and Red Wall in the Sky Club Romania Alleyway with Brown Ceiling and Brown Floor

Want to see more captivating features? Then, this central hall will be satisfy your desire. With elegant black theme, some comfy sitting areas were arranged with high intimate privacy. A bunch of black leather sofas with stunning glass coffee table will pamper all of guest with authentic comfy ambiance. The wall and ceiling were also still dominated by those swanky mirror and glass. Moreover, this modern club has infinite swimming pool which becomes another striking point for all guests who want to enjoy outdoor space. Dj stage in the upper level, with some modern spherical silver table near the pool, this outdoor area will also become the best place to hangout.

Comfortable White Stools and White Counter inside the Sky Club Romania with Dark Wall and Grey Floor

In summary, this exclusive club successfully shows an inspiring futuristic decoration. With its sophisticated glass and metallic features, also its modern arrangement for each part, this club has exposed the best side of creative decoration illustration. In conclusion, this modern interior design ideas prototype could be defined as one of the most appealing futuristic platform examples which will inspire any modern interior enthusiast.

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