Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Locks

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Security is an important aspect of any home and generally, most homes use conventional manual door locks.  Nowadays many people are replacing their old locks with more modern electronic versions.  Electronic locks use push buttons or keypads to allow access while more modern version even use smartphone apps to unlock doors.  This does away with the need to use conventional keys. There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of technology and here are the pros and cons of electronic locks.

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  • Convenience – they are somewhat easier to use, for instance, if you are carrying a heavy load it would be hard to search for keys to open the door.
  • Key-loss – with electronic locks you do not have to worry about losing keys
  • Child Safety – it is easier to keep small children inside using electronic door locks that are often childproof.

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  • Hacking – the main concern is the possibility of cyber hackers compromising the electronic locking system. However, most companies that install the locks have sufficient security features to minimize this risk.
  • Jamming – A faulty system may result in a jamming of the security system although this is not a common occurrence. 

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