Amazing Spanish Villa Design for Rich and Inviting Ornaments

Chic St James Villa Michelle Everett Interior Design in Bedroom Space with Traditional Furniture Decoration Ideas  If you want a beautiful house that looks inviting with its details, the idea of Spanish villa design might sound perfect. From the outside, this villa looks very elegant with its white color, the balcony with detailed fence, and the curved outdoor wall facing the blue water of the swimming pool. From the inside, we will find rich details in each room, inviting us to enter and take a look at them. It seems like each room has its own character.

Comfortable St James Villa Michelle Everett Interior Design in Dining Room Used Traditional Furniture and Antler Chandelier

The dining area, for example, has a curved ceiling in rustic soft blue color and a classic pendant chandelier. The ceiling has a balanced look with the floor that has floral ornament in yellow and blue. The wall is white and has two curved doors facing each other. The dark tone wooden table is surrounded by several chairs that look classic and in lighter shade of color. On the table, white and transparent glass vases are ornamented with pink fresh flowers. If you want to imitate this style, take a look at Spanish villa design ideas for some inspiration.

The living room just beside the dining area has more or less similar look, but with wicker chairs that make the room more artistic. The ceiling and wall has the same color, which is off white, but different pattern. One has panels, and the other has bricks. The difference highlights the rich details this room has. Another living room has its focal point on the white wooden panels of the windows and glass paneled door.

Fantastic St James Villa Michelle Everett Interior Design in Bathroom Space with Peach Wall Color and Traditional Touch

The bedroom and bathroom are also rich in detail. The ceiling and floor can have different colors and pattern. The wall and curtains are usually in light neutral color or simply white, but the furniture have rich detail. If simple style of modern design feels dull to you, you should check out more Spanish house design ideas on the web to get inspired.

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