Modern Villa Design with Lavish Infinite Pool and Outdoor Sitting Area

Awesome Luxury Resort Bedroom with Wide Bed and Wide Mirror under the Artistic Ceiling near Glas Walls

This prototype demonstrates the most alluring modern villa design, since we could chiefly see the structure was constructed in three modish white volumes with modern flat roof. Glazing also appears dominant and exposes a strong accent of futuristic design. For any modern design enthusiast, this captivating villa and its features for both exterior and interior will satisfy your desire. Of course, the presence of lavish infinite pool and outdoor sitting areas within the villa are is another affecting point why this luxurious retreat could be defined as an alluring prototype.

Beautiful Interior of the Luxury Resort Open Floor Plan with Small Breakfast Space and Grey Sofa Chaises

We could start from the concept of pool and its comfy terrace. Through well shaped modern villa design ideas, the pool and the terrace has a natural concrete floor. The view of blue ocean becomes the best past of it, hence the owner and their guest could pamper their selves and enjoying the breezy fresh air as well. Moreover, outdoor sitting areas were developed n some corners including an outdoor dining space and living space. Some enchanting wooden table and chairs were set for the dining, while some fluffy sofas were put for the living space.

You also need to aware with a bunch of sophisticated facilities within the villa. Start from captivating message room, a comfy spa corner, a spacious gym, some luxurious bedrooms with classy furniture, until indoor medium swimming pool. Yes, the owner could enjoy swimming in the villa while they don’t want to go out. We also could not forget about the presence of spacious walk in closet in each bedroom. With blonde wooden floor and modern wooden cabinets, this sophisticated wardrobe will pamper the owner and help them to arrange their stuffs during their vacation in this villa.

Bright Lighting in the Luxury Resort Bathroom and Sauna with Wooden Vanity and White Sinks under Mirror

In conclusion, this villa really demonstrates the modern design through some impressive features. Start from the luxurious facilities, until the decoration for both exterior and interior, all of them are generally inspiring. Hence, this luxury villa design ideas prototype will be very bewitching as a fresh guidance for any owner who loves futuristic concept.

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