Extensive Beach House Decor Applies All White Theme Interior Nuance

Astonishing Living Space Design in Pure White House by Susan with White Colored Sofa and Black White Colored Floor Carpet

Applying the beach house decor is a little bit tricky for many architects or interior designers. It is since the wrong application will only makes your living space looks messy and may heal the spectacular sea view aspect that should becomes the part of the entire home ornamentation. Susanna Cots has successfully avoided this problem and instead designs a stunning property, called Pure White House in Almunecar, Granada. This living space plan can inspire you so much through its extensive landscape.

Astounding Living Space Design in Pure White House by Susan with White Colored Back Cloth Chair and White Colored Fur Carpet

Mainly, the architect adapts the all white theme beach house decor ideas to appear the bright as well as spacious impression. The application of white tone is also believed can enliven the room mood. Look at the furniture application. The white sectional sofa, simple book rack, curvy sofa table and low stage rectangle table makes the living lounge get a very impressive view. However, to avoid the monotone nuance, it is then combined with the solid black accents come from the sofa throw pillows and LED TV screen.

To make a unity atmosphere between space inside and the scenery outside, the architect smartly designs this beachfront home with open space that is a tropical house style. The outdoor dining space is only decorated with long rectangle table and white stylish dining chairs. It is then furnished with the yellowish ornamental flowers.

Awesome Dining Space Design in Pure White House by Susan with White Colored Bed Linen and Twin Black Colored Wall Lamp

In the other side, there is a relaxation lounge that is completed with white wicker papasan chair with comfortable cushions as well as the modern tanning chairs. All of it is arranged facing the sea view directly to give a pleasure atmosphere for everyone who spends their time there. We can attract with the room decorating concept as well which applies the minimalist yet stylish shape and furniture. The overall beach house interior ideas for this residence indeed define an elegant look for the room.

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