Aquarium designs to suit your home

Freestanding Aquarium

Aquariums are great appliances that grant us access to the enchanting underwater world.  It is relaxing to view the fish and other aquatic life interact.  Aquariums also act as great focal points for rooms by livening up the ambience. Here are a few aquarium designs that you could incorporate in your interior design.

  • In Wall

These aquariums are built into the wall structure and are often quite expansive sometimes running across the length of a large room.  They are quite elegant and can literally bring a room to life.

In-Wall Mirage Aquarium

  • Room Divider

This is in ingenious way of separating rooms with an aquarium. It is an elegant yet unique way of partitioning.

Room Divider Aquarium

  • Free standing

This type of aquariums usually consist of a fish tank that is set on a stand. They are among the most common kind of aquariums and they come in various shapes, sizes and designs.

Freestanding Aquarium

  • Labyrinth

These aquariums are often designed for colorful exotic sea life and consists of different level or chambers.

Labyrinth Aquarium


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