Attic Bedroom Design Ideas with Wooden Flooring

Brilliant Modern Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

There is a probability that you are run out of room in your house, and the only thing that you can do rather than extent the building is by remodel your attic. The main function of the attic is for the shed room and often left behind by some homeowners. The main disadvantage in remodeling the attic bedroom design ideas is the slanted or sloped ceiling. This ceiling is very low in height and if you are tall enough you will be hit by it.

Attic Bedroom Design Ideas: The Orientation

The next thing about the attic bedroom design ideas is the orientation of the bed itself. You can place your bed parallel to the wing window, so when you wake up you can see the outside view just by looking at it in instant. The other thing is you can place your bad far away from the window, and place something like cabinet or bookshelf under the window. It must be adjusted to the space size of your attic interior design ideas. Don’t force to bring king bed or even recliner to your attic, just the simple thing.

Attic Bedroom Design Ideas: Flooring and Decoration

The most common attic is wooden floor, but it is also possible if you have a concrete attic bedroom design ideas. You can refurnish your wooden floor and laminated it to be look so bright but not slippery. This wooden floor is the best-suited to the same bed frame material with the white linen and pillow surrounding by a white painted wall. Even though it is so slanted and small, the white tone can make it wider in feeling helped by the proper lighting. The lighting should enlighten the bed and it will create the best attic room design atmosphere.

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