Attractive Feng Shui Interiors to Bring More Love and Prosperity


The ancient interior arrangement method of Feng Shui is still actively used in many homes . It has been being practiced since the ancient time and it emphasizes on structured design to improve and bring positive energy to into a house. We have shared a couple of Feng Shui principals that you can use when decorating your house.

Feng Shui Bedroom with Buddha Sclupture on the WOoden Night Stand and Bamboo Tree

Never placing furniture against any walls is one of the first principles in feng shui interior design. Keep the kitchen clean all the time because this is the place where you prepare the food for the family. A dirty kitchen will also degrade the overall look too.

Classic Bedroom with Purple Chair and Victorian Styled Headboard Set with Large WIndows with Long Curtains

Another secret for improving love in feng shui design is by doubling fixtures. This is said to bring luck in relationships. For instance, when you have guests it’s better to have a pair of living room chairs rather than having only one.

Calm Bedroom with Wooden Bedding and Night Stand Having Large FLower Canvas Painting

The color red color is a symbol of prosperity in Chinese feng shui folklore. For instance, choosing red leather sofas in your living room creates a great hue that could lead to prosperity. Put family photos in the living room since they are physical representations of your happiness, this makes them precious treasures. Happy photographs create a positive atmosphere in a room. Feng shui home decorating ideas are still applied in today’s interior design and you can apply them in your home.

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