Bewitching Modern House Design in Modern White L Shaped Structure

Contemporary Design for the JM Casa Odemira Exterior with Flat Roof and Long Shape near Green Tree

Vitor Vilhena Architects has creatively constructed a stunning modern house design for this contemporary multi level house which is located in Portugal. The design accentuates on the modern white L shaped structure as the main attraction of its platform. With two volumes and futuristic flat roof, this residence appears absolutely stunning. And it dramatically emerges just like white capsule in the middle of green hills and valley. One breezy outdoor terrace along with modern swimming pool was also developed for this dwelling, escalating the beauty of this modern retreat.

Fabulous White Wall and Glass Windows in the JM Casa Odemira Exterior with the Flat Roof

The structure was basically formed in a sideways shape with white concrete cladding. Based on minimalist modern house design ideas, some medium windows were also installed, along with overhangs and tall sliding doors. Entering the dwelling, we could see the arrangement was minimalist. White painted wall and ceiling becomes completely shinning with the presence of natural tile floor. Then wooden accent from some doors apparently brings a genuine warm feeling for the cool white theme. The home owner will get the most beautiful minimalist decoration ever.

Moreover, glazing also becomes one of the most important aspects for this decoration. It basically allows a bunch of natural lightings and fresh air circulation for the house. The ambiance was surely felt so open, clear, and tranquil as well. And we could not deny that the glass obviously brings an authentic illusion of modern character. Hence, those glass features enhance the futuristic theme of this dwelling. It also blends melodiously with white palette as the main hue and obviously produces more serene aura.

Fantastic White Wall and Glass Windows in the JM Casa Odemira Exterior with the Flat Roof

To conclude, this contemporary retreat with its sophisticated L shaped structure presents the beauty of modern minimalist design. Other features such as modest interior decoration, white palette implementation, and glass components also exposes the best side of contemporary architectural concept. In the end, based on its mature development for both exterior and interior, this white modern house could be defined as one of the most captivating illustrations of modern house plan ideas, which undeniably gives some creative idea about contemporary design and peculiar structure of it.

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