Chic French Country Inspired Home – Real Comfort and Elegance

Luxurious Chandelier for Small Corner in French Country Inspired Homes with Classic Table and Comfy Chair

The traditional French culture has had a profound impact on vintage architecture and it is still quite evident in contemporary home design. The design showcases the elegance and comfort of country living. When decorating a French inspired home it should always be remembered that European design has rustic a rustic appeal that are quite apparent in the design concepts . The vintage look is brought out by the country style furniture that is elegantly designed and based on classic concepts. The French kitchen is adorned with warm colors and the living room offers ultimate comfort.

Marvelous Courtyard of French Country Inspired Homes with Wide Swimming Pool and Cozy Patio near French Doors

The home exterior is also influenced by vintage French home design . French inspired home exteriors have a truly classical feel and in some cases the houses actually resemble castles. The exterior wall is beige in color and the windows have a timeless designs. The large front yard is another characteristic of this traditionally inspired house.

Natural Green Plantations near French Country Inspired Homes Facade with Stone Wall and Classic Windows

Soft accents are some of the basic features of this French interior design. The fabrics used for the furniture and curtains are made from lush materials with soft colors. Trimmed fabrics have also been used for the elegant finishing. The living room has traditional French chairs that are accessorized with lacey throw pillows .

Brick flooring with its natural texture completes the traditional concept by adding a rustic feel. A classy crystal chandelier beautifies the room with its elegant glowing fixtures. Remember to include soft accents and rustic textures if you intend to have a French inspired interior design.

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