Creative Unique House Design for Various Shapes of Rooms

Comfortable House Minoh Fujiwaramuro Architects Design Interior with Minimalist Modern Furniture Decor

If a simple house design doesn’t satisfy you and your head is full of creative ideas about your future house, the unique house design might sound great. From the outside, this two story house looks like giant boxes being stacked together. The appearance of the building changes depending on which side the viewer stands. From the inside, you’ll see the two levels of the house are connected by wooden stairs that are not in line with the wall.

Fantastic House Minoh Fujiwaramuro Architects Design Interior in Hallway Space with Wooden Flooring and Glass Door Ideas

The first floor, where the living room, dining area, and kitchen are located, is surrounded by glass walls. Outside the glass walls there’s an exterior deck space where children can play. On the second floor are the bedrooms and the outdoor balcony. Day light can enter the house from various directions since there are large windows which are created by the space between boxes. If you also want your house to have many open spaces, you can take a look at some unique house design ideas on the internet to get inspired.

There is a sense of continuation between the rooms as there are no borders between the living room and the dining area, or between indoor and outdoor area thanks to the glass walls. The entire house looks clean and spacious with a combination of white, for the walls and ceilings, and wooden light brown, for the floors and stairs. There are a splash of black for the couch and television in the living room, and also dark brown for the piano in the corner of the living room.

Incredible House Minoh Fujiwaramuro Architects Design Exterior with White Wall Color Decoration Ideas

The unique design of the house enables the inhabitants to experience various shapes of rooms created by the space between boxes, the shifting of the box shapes, and around the periphery. You can check out some unique architectural home design ideas on the websites to get further inspiration.

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