Some Considerations for your Small Rock Garden

Small Rock Garden Idea

Many people wish they could have a rock garden but they feel like their small gardens are too tiny to have one. However, it is possible to use your small space wisely and create a small idyllic rock garden.

Try and locate the raised rock bed in a nook of your choice. By placing the rock garden in a corner, you can conserve space for a small lawn or flower bed. This will give the entire space some balance as well as a great aesthetic despite the space restrictions.

When preparing a rock garden you should use earthy colors that coordinate well with the surroundings. One of the best options is sandstone rocks which are easy on the eye and contrast well with the soil and greenery. They are also easy to move around or rearrange if necessary.

Building a Rock Garden Base

Beautiful Small Rock Garden

To set up the small rock garden you simply create a small circle with stones and then fill it in with some soil. This will create a sturdy base for the rocks. Place the additional rocks on the base and ensure that the heavier ones are at the bottom. Ensure that the whole structure is sturdy enough and does not easily topple.

Find some nice varieties of flowers and other greenery to plant around the rocks. Ensure that the plants drain water well so that the garden never remains waterlogged for long periods.

Small Rock Garden

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