Dazzling Duplex House Design with Lucent Glazing and Timber Cladding

Contemporary Night View of the Eh 280113 House with Bright Interior Lighting and Wide Glass Walls  BKK Architects has brilliantly constructed a modern extension as a main part of duplex house design for this futuristic duplex residence titled Enclave House. This extension was appeared in futuristic glass form for the ground level. Then for the upper floor, charming timber cladding dominates the exterior decoration. Some large glass windows also appears n the upper floor as the best companion for the timber in creating modern outlook. One intimate courtyard garden, along with breezy swimming pool was also installed in a very futuristic way.

Entering the house we also could find that the interior decoration was arranged with minimalist style. White and glass emerge as the dominant features and they together produce an authentic spacious and serene ambiance. Moreover, through well composed modern duplex house design, each room was designed with modern furniture. In the main living room, black sectional sofas were set along with grey killim rug. Another dominant item which was spread all over the place is the plants. Yes, this residence interior allows a plenty of beautiful plants in some modern pot appears as the accessories for each corner.

Cozy Grey Sofas and Black Fireplace in the Eh 280113 House Sitting Space with Brown Carpet

In the dining room, besides those breezy plants which was developed near the sliding doors, a vigorous wooden table appears so eye catching. Some black chunky chairs with modern steel legs become the best friend for the table. Near the dining space, a lavish kitchen was formed in white theme. The white kitchen cabinets basically dominate the room and bring an authentic serene atmosphere. Then white marble countertop and steel kitchen equipment practically escalate the modern vibe. Overall, the kitchen really exposes modern minimalist concept.

Fabulous Library Room in the Eh 280113 House with White Bookshelves and White Table on Hardwood Floor

To sum up, this extension concept really describes how some features could represent a genuine modern style. Both exterior and interior of this extension could blend melodiously with the existing part. Start from the glazing, timber cladding until the minimalist interior decoration, all of them are generally inspiring. In the end, as an architectural design modern house duplex representation, this contemporary archetype has elegantly gives an inspiring suggestion about futuristic extension ideas.

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