Magnificent Victorian Style House Architecture

Victorian  style house architecture refers to construction methods that were developed during the era of Queen Victoria. The Victorian era had several renowned architectural styles, such as Gothic revival, Second Empire, Romanesque style, Italianate, shingle style, stick style, and Queen Anne. The Victorian artcitectural style evolved majorly from the imposing Gothic style that appealed to people during that era. It was characterized by beautiful architecture and furnishings which were both elegant and practical.

Gorgeous Cream Painted Wall and White Framed Windows on Victorian House Styles Architecture Exterior

During the Victorian era, the architects took the ideas from Gothic architecture and added Italian, French, Tudor and Egyptian details to create the remarkable Victorian home architecture styles. They were free to mix and match different styles as they saw fit. That is the main reason why Victorian homes rarely look the same.  Although the Gothic architecture style was the root of the Victorian style, the trend was popularized during the Industrial Revolution and was replicated in various regions.

Simple White Staircase on Victorian House Styles Architecture Exterior with Grey Painted Wall and Classic Windows

The key elements for Victorian house architecture can be briefly summarized like below. Victorian houses are commonly imposing and large, with two to three stories. The exterior is majorly wood or stone and the homes also have bays and wings in many directions, thus creating the more complicated and asymmetrical architecture shape. Elaborate wood or metal trim is also commonly used to decorate the Victorian houses as well as textured wall surfaces.

Mesmerizing Victorian House Styles Architecture for Unique Building with Cream Painted Wall and Grey Roof

The homes usually have a mansard or steep, multi-faceted roof. For outdoor rooms, the homes normally have a large wraparound, one-story porch that is adorned with brackets and ornamental spindles. For high-end homes, an octagonal or round tower with steeply pointed roof is common. Last but not least, the Victorian house architecture style is often characterized by white or beige exterior colors that were popular during the Victorian era.

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