Serene Asian Interior Design for Peaceful and Elegant Urban Living

Artistic Wall Painting for Asian Interior Design Living Room with White Sofas and Wide Coffee Table

An interior theme with Asian interior design always offers a peaceful feeling. The tranquility that is brought by the natural elements in the room is always enthralling. The Asian theme is rich with the inspirations from various Asian countries ranging from Japan to India. Japanese inspired interiors are balanced and tranquil while interiors with Indian accents have an exotic look. Combining all of these Asian inspirations can help you achieve a unique Asian decor style. However, picking a single Asian theme isn’t bad at all. Here are some Asian decorating tricks you might need to use when decorating your interior.

Making the perfect backdrop is key when setting up interior design themes. Creating the depiction of a Japanese garden can create an attractive Asian themed interior. But if you want more minimalist look, you can place a Japanese door on one side of your wall.

Bright Wall Lamps and Artistic Sculpture in Bathroom Asian Interior Design with White Bathtub

Brighter hues such as light blue or peach are recommended for the living room and this is inspired from oriental or Chinese decor that integrates a natural look. If you want rich colors such as gold or silver, you can opt for Indian inspired decor which has traditional patterns especially on fabric. An Indian themed bedroom with exotic hues like dark purple and dark red will be very luxurious with golden accents.

Superb Asian Interior Design Kitchen with Long Teak Island and Glossy Washbasin under Wooden Beams

Japanese style incorporated in modern bathrooms is popular because it creates a serene ambiance. A open bathroom surrounded by greenery looks fantastic with a wooden floor with pebbles at the center.  Another great feature in Asian style is swimming pool. This is a tranquil relaxing spot with an exotic nuance. Home interior design ideas with an Asian theme always showcase the uniqueness by incorporating natural elements for decoration.

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