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Two major aspects should be put into consideration when decorating a bathroom for kids are Safety and vibrant themes.  The planning stage should involve the kids since they are the ones who will use the bathroom.  There are various themes to choose from ranging from under water adventure to pirates of the ocean. The theme should be able to relate with the child’s specific interests.  After settling on the theme it is time to shop for the needed items, many of which can be found at crafts supplies stores.  For example if you settle on a beach front theme for the bathroom you can search for items such as shells,  sponges,  starfish, pebbles and so on.  For the walls you could either paint the designs of search for water resistant wall decals. At crafts shops you can find bathroom wall vinyl patterns which can easily be stuck on the walls using special adhesive.  Many of these vinyl decals can also be used on enclosed glass shower cubicles however it is usually better to use static-based decals rather than the adhesive kind since the adhesive material usually leaves sticky marks when removed.

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Light colors are more vibrant and inviting for a bathroom setting therefore if you choose the underwater theme for instance it would be better to use light blue hues rather than dark blue shades.  This can be combined with colourful towels with cool prints.

A non-slip mat is important for ensuring sufficient traction is maintained to avoid slippage.  There are plenty of brightly colored non-slip mats which add character to the bathroom in addition to being functional.

Kids bathrooms should be fun and inviting therefore you can be as creative as possible when coming up with an exciting theme.

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