Ultimate Guide to False Ceiling Designs

Also referred to as suspended ceiling or drop ceiling, the false ceiling is indeed an interesting choice. It is actually an additional ceiling installed under the original one, attached by metal tracks and wires. Plasterboard sheets are also used once in place to hide the original ceiling from sight, thus completing the ceiling as a whole.

Innovative False Ceiling Designs for Modern Bedroom with Oak Bed and White Bedding near Teak Desk


Whether it is the false ceiling designs for residence or for office, it is important to understand some essential considerations for this ceiling design. The first is the cornice or whether the walls and ceiling meet. Cornice which is  known as the ‘join’. The popularity of ceiling cornices is due to their decorative appearance, which can be achieved at an affordable cost. If you get a skilled plasterer to work on the ceiling join, the final result can look a lot more expensive than it actually is.

Lights are a crucial part when it comes to false ceiling, so it is important to know in detail how to install LED ceiling lights for your Home Interior in a correct way.

Stylish Sitting Room with False Ceiling Designs above White Sofas and Stylish Coffee Table

Alternatively, if you don’t mind spending more, you could opt for shadow lines for the drop ceiling instead. The higher expensive is due to the way the material has to be cut. The craftsmanship and cut needs much effort to finish correctly, especially considering that there’s no extra material that can be used to conceal any rough edges.

Mesmerizing White Ceiling Fan and Stunning False Ceiling Designs inside Modern Room with Red Wallpaper

Last but not least, there is the coffered finish. It is most suitable for those who do not have any financial constraints. The finish is detailed and the intricate design is very eye-catching. The coffered style is also suitable if you want to add sophistication to your modern interior design. To understand each one of the false ceiling styles better, you can check out the images below of different interior ideas of ceiling types designs.

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