Elongated Toilet Seat Covers in Some Stunning Patterns

Blue and White Color Ideas Applied in Elongated Toilet Seat Covers finished with White Bathtub Design Plan Ideas

You may find the pure white toilet looks so boring and with elongated toilet seat covers it will look more stunning. We have 16 examples of how you will deal with more interesting toilet with covers. There are some types of design, such as with the pure color, natural-inspired and patterned covers. Taking a look at these pictures, let us see which one you love!

Classic Powder Room Design Idea Applied in Elongated Toilet Seat Covers Finished with Wooden Flooring Unit Design Plan

For simple touch, pure color elongated toilet seat lid covers will be the appropriate solution. Two of the most popular colors are black and white. The black covered toilet seat is good to meet the black and white interior design concept. For simple neutral tones interior, white cover is enough, of course if you don’t find it boring. It will actually create elegant look for the interior working with the cream or brown tiled floor or wall and other white and wood furniture set. Then, the luxury glass chandelier will complete this elegant interior.

For refreshing and relaxing nuance, natural touch will be amazing. As you can see at the picture, you can see some white toilets with animal, sea world or flowers lid covers. All of them look imposing completing the neutral tones bathroom interior. If you want to have the simple but stunning in look, the wood or water drops cover look so amazing to match with the modern white toilet. They will match with the classic bath in white and wood tones or the modern pure white interior in glossy finishing.

Ginsey Soft Decorative Chocolate Toilet Seat Circles Applied in Elongated Toilet Seat Covers with Simple Motifs

Then, what may be the most attractive is the patterned cover. Simple rounded pattern at the edge of the brown cover looks so stunning for simple but elegant look. Then, the cuboid or striped pattern with golden coloring and unpredictable carved accessories attached also completely look extravagant. It will be also suitable for luxury bathroom just like what the elongated toilet lid covers and rugs or velvet do for a plush bathroom.

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