Great Floating Shelf Ideas for your Home

Flaoting Concealed Book Shelf

Floating shelves are a compact, modern and minimalist storage solution that will definitely give any living space an elegant look while still maintaining functionality.  In addition to this, they are quite affordable and simple to install.  These shelves seem to jut out of walls and this is why they are seemingly floating in the air. So what are some of the uses of floating shelves?

  • To display framed photos
  • To hold candle arrangements or flower vases
  • To maintain uniform display panels
  • To offer organized storage functionality

Here are a few examples of floating shelves.

  • Concealed Floating Shelf

This is a cool shelf design that is seemingly defies gravity due its hidden panel that is not easily visible

Conceal Floating Shelf

  • Wedge Floating Shelf

This is a simple, clean shelf design that has a wedge shape that is not only pleasant to look at but also offers added support and sturdiness.

Wedge Floating Shelf

  • Corner Floating Shelf

This is an innovative design that is mounted on wall corners and is quite elegant to look at. Corner floating shelves come is various, shapes colors and designs.

Corner Floating Shelf

  • Glass Floating Shelf

If you are looking for a wood alternative, this glass shelf is a great option. The glass is usually supported by stainless steel or brushed nickel props.

Glass Floating Shelf


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