Great Organizational Tips for your Garage

   Free Standing Garage Furniture  

Since the garage is not a public area, it is easy to neglect it leading to a cluttered and unorganized space.  We have a couple of tips which we hope you will consider if you want to enhance the appearance of your garage.

If you run out of wall space you could consider getting some stand-alone furniture which will help you store away items neatly.  For instance you could get a fabric bin, or cube organizer to store away items such as work gloves, gardening supplies or tools. You need to find a designated area for freestanding furniture so as to keep the space orderly. Adding labels on the bins will help you know where specific items are stored.

Labeled Bins

Transparent stackable bins are great for organization and since they are see-through you can see exactly what is stored in each bin. If you wish you could add labels for easier reference.

Transparent Stackable Bins

Jumbo storage stacking baskets are ideal for storing and organizing larger items. These storage baskets are ideal because they can turn an empty space into an organized area.  They also keep items well contained and easily accessible when required.

Transparent Stackable Bins Closeup

Recycled crates are great storage units and they are inexpensive too! If you have old milk or wine crates you can easily repurpose them in your garage.  They can even be stacked on top of each other to add more storage space and create separate units for proper organization.Crate Storage



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