Guide to French Interior Doors Installation

Fascinating Hallway with White Oak Doors and Cool French Interior Doors near Comfy Sitting Room

The French interior doors are just as popular as the exterior door versions, which are usually installed as entry patio doors. French doors are popular in home design due to their ability to provide a visual interaction between two spaces. They are usually installed in the entryway between kitchen and dining or living room. They also allow light to flow between the spaces.

Captivating Home Office with Classic Desk and Fluffy Chair facing White French Interior Doors

When you install interior French door, including French interior doors glass, measuring the radius of the door swing is important to do. Be sure that no furnishings are within the wing path of the French door. Check the jamb depth of the door opening too and purchase a door that fits inside the depth perfectly. Standard-sized French door will suit you if you live in a newer home. For older homes, installing a new jamb inside the door opening will ensure the perfect fit.

Minimalist White Framed French Interior Doors in Comfy House with Dark Cabinet and Old Fashioned Chair

There are various design options for French doors. They come in many versions such as window, glass, door material, size and color. Standard French door styles are readily available for standard door openings as well as custom door options to match older homes and unique needs. Standard types of French doors include the in-swing and out-swing door options. Commonly, French doors have a flat panel of glass without grills too. However, the ones with grills and simulated divided lites are more common. The lites are useful to extend the height of the door.

Traditional Family Room using White Sliding French Interior Doors near Cream Bench on Hardwood Flooring

To fit the standard door openings, stock French door heights are usually 6’ 8, 7’, and 8’. Besides, the size of standard doors usually starts at 1’ 7 and are available at 2” increases to 3’ wide. Custom interior French door glass options are available for you who live in older homes where standard door openings are not present, usually with more color options.

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