How to Use Patterns When Decorating your Home

House Wallpaper Patterns

Pattern basically refers to the manner in which lines, textures and colors are arranged on a surface or object.  Patterns are commonly referred to as designs that are continually repeated, however in terms of home design, it may be used to describe the way in which design elements are arranged.  Patterns in home decor are used for the following reasons:

  • Creating a focal point within a room
  • Creating a visual theme in a space
  • Adding some vibrancy to a bland space
  • Reproduction of historical design styles

Tropical Pattern Home Design

Choosing Patterns

When picking the right kind of patterns for your interior you have to ensure that they follow the theme of the home. The designs and patterns should be in sync so that the every space is well co-ordinated. Here are some additional tips to remember when choosing patterns:

  • Small rooms need to have smaller and more intricate patterns while larger rooms should have big patterns
  • Spaces that do not have significant architectural features need to be enhanced with patterns
  • Ensure that the patterns match with the type of architecture

Floral Pattern Combination

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