Great Wood Floor Finishes for your Kitchen

 The kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in any room.  People are always walking in and out; therefore, there is a lot of wear and tear on the floor. It is necessary to have a durable floor finish that will be able to withstand all kinds of conditions. Wood is a great option but before you settle on this flooring, there are a couple of things to consider regarding the type of finish.

Lacquer Finish

lacquer kitchen floor finish

One of the most suitable options for a hardy and durable finish is polyurethane lacquer. This finish is great because it hardens the wood and also creates a protective film on the surface of the floor. This is beneficial for kitchens because it protects the wooden floor from absorbing moisture.

Oil Finish

uv cured oil finish for kitchen floor

A UV Cured oil finish many not be as durable as a lacquer finish but it is still quite effective for kitchen areas.  The main advantage of this wood floor finish is that damaged areas area able to be restored in a short time. Spot repairs are made possible by simply using sanding paper and applying a coat over the area. UV Cured oil finishes are also quite easy to maintain.

Matching Floor and Cabinets

matching floor and cabinet for kitchen

If you prefer to have a matching look for your kitchen, a great idea would be to use the same wood for your floors and cabinets.  This is a look that is attractive to the eye and is also very functional.  To even out the whole look you may want to consider contrasting colors for the rest of the kitchen.

matching kitchen floor and cabinet


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