Interesting Closet Doors Ideas: Types of Doors You Can Use

Simple Sliding Closet Doors Ideas using Wood Material near White Shelves and Jackets Hanger

Looking at these closet door ideas, you can see how the location of the closet, along with the amount of space available, is really important in determining the best door type. After all, the closet door you choose to install should be able to provide  functionality without adding any hassle. Today, we will briefly highlight some popular closet door types to consider. Check them out!

The traditional hinged swinging door is a popular choice and is common in many traditional houses. In some cases, double doors are also used. This door type allows you to boost the closet storage capacity by mounting pockets, racks, or hooks on the back of the door. However, the way the door swings outward makes it not recommended for those who live in smaller houses with limited space. If you want a solution that doesn’t get in your way, the sliding closet doors ideas would be the best choice.

Spacious Bedroom with Stylish Closet Doors Ideas and Floating Desk near Acrylic Chair

Sliding closet doors come as a standard feature for most reach-in closets. Sliding doors are available with many different finishes and styles, ranging from frosted glass panel, translucent glass, raised panel, to mirrored door panel. Even though the sliding doors are very space-efficient, only one side allows access an this is the biggest drawback.

Unique Eiffel Tower Detail on White Closet Doors Ideas in Simple Closet for Girl Bedroom

Alternatively, how about bi-fold doors? The bi-fold closet doors are a great alternative to sliding doors as you can enjoy full access to your closet. However, the doors use twice the number of moving parts, meaning twice the opportunity for failing or binding of the tracks. So, which type of closet door you find most suitable for your home interior? Due to its interior use, do not forget to make sure you pick one with stunning appearance too, such as sliding glass closet door ideas,  which enhance the interior decor.

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