Japanese Garden Design Ideas for Your Home Garden

Brilliant Traditional Japanese Garden Design Ideas

Japanese garden shows great artisanship and built into perfection. It has sophisticated decorations and design, but still leaves the beauty of minimalism. Japanese garden portrays the calmness of Japanese culture and philosophy. The sophisticated Japanese garden design ideas actually aren’t that sophisticated because you can bring it to your backyard. You just need some planning and voila, your calming garden is ready for your enjoyable afternoon.

Japanese Garden Design Ideas Styles and Plant Choices

The good thing about Japanese garden is you don’t need to have a big backyard to realize your Japanese garden design ideas. There are lots of Japanese garden styles. There are Japanese rock gardens or Zen garden as place to meditate, Roji garden which used as tea ceremony, stroll garden, and small courtyard garden. You can do some mix-match of the styles. Make sure you don’t over decorate your garden and highlight the natural elements on your garden to give the calming and peaceful feeling of your garden. The plants will act as the main spokesperson of your Japanese garden.

Epic Wooden Deck Japanese Garden Design Ideas

Balancing Your Japanese Garden Design Ideas

Marvelous Minimalist Japanese Garden Design Ideas

Japanese garden design ideas should include the balance of the garden itself. Balance in Japanese garden mainly incorporated with the Feng Shui. The Japanese garden ambience will be different when it is well balanced. Grey rock will do great to create the balance in garden with bonsai tree and rounded green shrubs. You can add small pond to create the ambience of natural spring. You can also use the concept of Zen garden which replace water with white sand or white gravel and rake it to make contour of flowing water which represents the river and put a strategically placed vertical rock which represents mountain.

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