Lovely Multi Level House Designs in Impressive Half Hanging Structure

Fabulous Details in the Hanging Home by Chris Briffa Architects Sitting Space with the Wooden Ceiling

Chris Briffa Architects has elegantly shaped multi level house designs for this trendy retreat in Malta. Because of limited space, the design accentuates on the half hanging structure as the main platform for the whole arrangement. Yes, half of the house was designed in a hanging form just over the pool in term of producing more space and spacious outlook. With this creative method, this dwelling appears absolutely inspiring, the whole parts were also emerged so modern, bright, and spacious. The small space which appears as the existing site character, is no longer a problem.

Fascinating Night View of Hanging Home by Chris Briffa Architects Dining Room with White Table and Wooden Chairs

For the interior, concrete cladding and glazing emerge as the dominant feature. They create a vigorous and contemporary outlook for sure. And of course the pool itself also appears as the main point of the exterior. Moreover, through mature multi level house plans, the interior decoration was also arranged in a very precise form. Overhangs are everywhere, with some high ceilings in some corners. White becomes the main hue and it apparently blends with wood which is also dominant for the floor and ceiling. The furniture arrangement itself appears in a very enchanting minimalist style.

The living room has modest L shaped grey sofa, small wooden coffee table and killim rug. Then the dining room was also arranged in a modest form. White long dining table was put and becomes the best soul mate for those wooden chunky chairs. An abstract painting on the wall brings more futuristic aura for this room. We also could not leave the kitchen which appears absolutely modish although the concept was about minimalist as well. Black kitchen cabinets and marble countertop were set, then some black bar chairs become stylish accessories which make this kitchen looks more adorable.

Gorgeous Facade of the Hanging Home by Chris Briffa Architects with Wooden Door and Wooden Shutters

In accumulation, this dwelling concept really demonstrates a creative idea about half hanging structure. In term of solving the limited space problem, the idea emerges absolutely inspiring. Then the interior decoration which is minimalist style, also shows how its modest form still could produce an elegant and modish outlook for each room. To conclude, based on its striking idea and through its precise multi level home plans, this archetype absolutely will provide fresh and creative inspiration about architectural design platform.

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