Lovely Vintage Ceiling Fan Ideas

Westinghouse Vintage Ceiling Fan

Most modern houses are equipped with air conditioning units and this means that ceiling fans have become virtually obsolete. However, the use of ceiling fans can actually save on energy and at the same time they have a great aesthetic appeal.  There are a number of vintage ceiling fan styles to choose from and they are highlighted below.

  • Fandelier

Fandelier Ceiling Fan

Just like the name suggests this is a combination between a ceiling fan and a chandelier.  They light your room adequately while providing optimal air circulation.


  • Casablanca Whitman

Casablanca Whitman Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan has intricate woodwork and artistic details that are displayed on the blades.  Some version come with feather shaped blades.

  • Westinghouse vintage

Westinghouse Vintage Ceiling Fan

This 5 blade ceiling fan has a span of 52 inches and its rosewood and maple blades are reversible. This is an elegant fan and could be installed in any room in your home.


  • Three light blade ceiling fan

Three Light Blade Ceiling Fan

This is an elegant wood blade ceiling fan that is fitted with 3 downward facing lights.  It has a traditional appeal and is suitable for homes as well as offices or commercial premises.  They are great because they need very minimal maintenance.

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