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Contemporary Details Bathroom Metal Headshower Reston Townhouse Renovation

This interior design is the result of a house renovation brought by O’Neil Architects. Reston Townhouse is a project that is successfully completed by this professional architect firm. The house interior applies the neutral color with the natural touch as its elements and interior decoration. The kitchen is in modern style. Minimum space does not less the beautiful style of this kitchen. The kitchen wall is structured from the neutral colored tile while the flooring is from wooden materials.

This house renovation design emphasizes on the sleek and clean look and the contemporary concept. Therefore the kitchen furniture is designed in the simple style and maximizes its practical function. The unique item from this interior is it has the indoor garden. This garden is planted with the cactus giving the deserted look. White is the color theme for this indoor garden giving the dramatic appearance for the mini garden design. The flooring where the garden set is from the white natural stones mosaic. The traditional chair with chesterfield backrest makes this garden looks more dramatic and elegant.

Exciting Details Reston Townhouse Renovation Glass Tile Backsplash

The reflection of the true contemporary interior design is the bathroom design. It applies the sharp lines furniture to furnish the bathroom interior. The bathroom counter is made from wooden materials with shiny white surface. The simple basins are on this surface completed by the modern and sleek faucets. Large mirror on this counter reflects the whole interior design of this bathroom. A set of modern lightings are attached on the upper side of the mirror giving the yellow light in this room.

Exquisite Bathroom Forsted Glass Wall Reston Townhouse Renovation

The shower room has glass door that make this bathroom interior look sleeker. Natural accent is presented by the shower room flooring. It is made from natural pebbles. The balcony arrangement is just as beautiful as the other space designs. It becomes the right place to have relaxing time with a set of sleek seating in it. House renovation result can be stunning with its new refreshing appearance and design.

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