Principles of Feng Shui for your bed

Feng Shui Bedroom Style

Feng Shui gives you the opportunity to find the most suitable positioning for your bed. Do do this you will have to use your own intuition combined with the room conditions to find the most appropriate position.  Highlighted below are some of the factors to consider.

  • Bed position in relation to the door

One of the foremost principles regarding positioning states that the door-to-bed positioning ratio is even more important that the compass direction of the bed.  This means that the physical direction that the bed faces is not as important as the door-to-bed positioning.

Feng Shui Bedroom Positioning Instructions

  • Distance

Another rule of positioning states that the bed is supposed to be set at the farthest possible point from the door as possible.  For instance if the bedroom door is positioned at the right hand side of the room, then the bed should rest at the far left corner of the room.  The farther the bed is located from the door, the more control you will have on your space and your life.

  • Wide scope

The position of the bed should give you the best possible scope of the whole room.  A room with a minimal range of sight will affect your chi, subsequently having a negative effect on your life. A larger space in front of the bed means that you can have greater achievements in life.

  • Door visibility

As much as the bed is supposed to be at the farthest point from the door, you should be able to have a clear view of the door. Essentially, when you are lying down on your bed you should be able to see the door clearly when you open your eyes.  This principle basically implies that you should always be able to see anything that is approaching you; both literally and figuratively.

Feng Shui Bed Position

Four Poster Bed With Feng Shui

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