The Most Ideal Tables for Small Kitchens

Bistro Kitchen Table Set

If you have a small kitchen you need to find furniture that will fit in well in addition to being functional.  However, finding kitchen tables for small kitchens does not mean that you have to sacrifice on aesthetics. Here are some types of kitchen tables that you could consider.

  • Square table

Square Kitchen Table

A square shaped table takes up significantly less space than a rectangular table.  This means that you can end up saving a little space by opting for a square table that can seat at least four people.

  • Bar Height Tables

Kitchen Bar Table

These tables have a tall profile and are perfectly suited for small kitchens.  The bar stool chairs/stools also take up little space. A Bar height table can also be multifunctional and can be used as a food preparation surface or a storage unit.

  • Extendable tables

Extendable Kitchen Table

If you like rectangular shaped tables or you need to accommodate more people and extendable table is the most logical option. These convertible tables can be extended when required and the foldable edges later be collapsed when not in use to create more space.

  • Bistro Tables

Kitchen Bistro Table Sets

These tables are often sold in sets as outside furniture but they can also be used in small kitchens. Most bistro tables are circular and some varieties are pub table height.

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