Things to Consider When Buying Bedskirts

Dkny City Silk Bed Skirt

Many beds that have box springs are not considered fully complete without quality bedskirts.  Bedskirts are decorative accessories that as a classy look to the bedroom décor and also help in covering up the space that is beneath your bed.  While it may not be difficult to shop for bedskirts, we have compiled a couple of pointers that could make it easier to find the right one.

  • Dimensions

You will need to know the exact size of your bed so that you can get the right corresponding bedskirt.  A small or oversize bedskirt will not only look bad but it won’t properly conceal the required space beneath the bed.

  • Check for quality

The material you chose should be durable and not delicate like some sheer bedskirts that come in sets. The drop of the bedskirts should reach approximately 1-2 inches above the floor.

Rio Bedskirt

  • Iron before use

Many bedskirts have wrinkles when they are unpacked therefore, you may need to iron before installing them for the first time.

Matte Satin Adjustable Bedskirt

Bedskirt Detail

Pique Tailored Bedskirt

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