Types of shoe storage solutions for the bedroom

Shoe Storage Solution

Shoes can be quite cumbersome when it comes to storage. You therefore require a suitable storage fitting that will ensure that shoes are neatly stored and organized accordingly. There are several kinds of storage solutions that you could choose from and they are highlighted below.

  • Shoe storage bench

Shoe Storage Bench

Storage benches are commonly used in many homes and are commonly placed along entryways. They keep shoes well stored and organized and also give you a nice place to seat when taking off or wearing shoes. Shoe storage benches can be multifunctional and can be used to store items such as bags, gloves and other small items.

  • Over door shoe rack

Overdoor Shoe Rack

If you have a small home this is probably the most ideal shoe storage solution. Over-door shoe racks are usually hang over bedroom doors or closets which means that you can save space by making use of walls or other vertical structures. They are however not suitable for entryways.

  •  Shoe storage rack

Shoe Rack

If you do not have a large shoe collection a shoe rack is a suitable option. It has tiered shelves that are positioned close to the floor. The allow shoes to be neatly stored in a corner and they come in various sizes and designs.


  • Shoe cabinet

Shoe Cabinet

This is a great way of neatly storing away a collection of shoes in a room or closet. They are about the size of a chest of drawers and normally have doors at the front end.

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