Great Luxurious Interior Design in a Mansion with Jolly and Warm Tone

Astounding Hall Space Design in La Mansion with Dark Colored Floor which is Made from Concrete and White Colored Long Sofa

Harmony is given in the La Canada Mid-Century project through a luxurious interior design. This was designed by a well-known designer called Jamie Bush. This amazing masterpiece is placed in Sierra Madre foothills, Los Angeles. Once you take a look at this residence, you will be amazed by the great exterior combination. Geometric shape by wooden materials is collaborated by transparent walls all around. Let’s explore it even more.

This is the contemporary dining room of the mansion. The modern luxurious interior design is supported by a huge wooden dining table with sleek appearance. The dining chairs are no less amazing. 6 wooden dining chairs with black pads are there, standing on the black tiled flooring. Proper lighting with unique light shades is added too. They help the giant transparent wall of this room to give natural light system.

Awesome Room Space Design in La Mansion with White Colored Back Chair and High Silver Colored Stainless Arch Lamp Next to Fireplace

The contemporary living room is placed next to the dining room. A tufted white sofa with chaise is completing the furnishing. Another single sofa is there too. As the center of the area is a rounded coffee table to help you keep your books or any other items. Wooden walls here are combined with a simple stony wall. Also transparent wall here presents you perfect scenery of the nature outside. In the corner of the room, there is an additional of a silver arc lamp to give you a more modern touch.

Breathtaking Kitchen Design in La Mansion with Silver Colored Chimney which is Made from Stainless Steel and Dark Kitchern Island

Let’s see the bedroom and bathroom of the mansion too. The bedroom has a double sized bed with colorful pillows and bright patterned duvet. White ceiling and its black cantilevers are here, decorate the bedroom. An armed green chair stands on the carpeted floor, completed with a nice lamp next to it. Wooden walls and transparent walls are still here to comfort you in maximum ways. Don’t you think the modern luxury interior design ideas here are perfect to have?

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