Various Geometric Shapes at Home for Modern Decoration Style

Fantastic Meatpacking Loft Leone Design Studio Interior in Small Famiy Room Used Grey Sofa Furniture Ideas

If you adore the modern decoration style and want to apply it to your house, you probably want to add some geometric shapes at home. This is one of the main characteristic of the modern style. Some of the two dimensional shapes that you can easily apply for your home decor are square, rectangle, circle. Some of the three dimensional shapes are also used often: cylinder, sphere, and prism. Architects usually use them for pendant lamps or vases.

Gorgeous Meatpacking Loft Leone Design Studio Interior in Living Room Used Modern Sofa Furniture Ideas

Out of all, the rectangle shape might be the most popular one to add to modern home decor. You can find this shape in the sofas and tables, cabinets, carpets, windows and doors, or fire place. Some of the smaller decorative items also come in this shape, such as photo frames, paintings, or lamp shades. The use of transparent glass blocks for your home decor also brings a more cheerful look. Take a look at some geometric shapes around the house on the internet for some inspiration.

The two dimensional version of this shape is also used a lot in fabric pattern, such as stripe bed sheets, square pattern on the carpet or wall paper. Other items in the house that come in this shape are the stairs and exposed bricks for the wall. The repetition of this geometric shape really enhances the simplicity and modern style of the room.

Incredible Meatpacking Loft Leone Design Studio Interior in Living Room Used Modern Sofa Furniture Decoration Ideas

To have a balanced look of your room decoration, you can also apply other shapes like cylinder for pendant lamps, glasses and wine bottles for your kitchen, or soap and shampoo bottles in your bathroom. So, to add more of the geometric shapes in your house is really recommended when you want to integrate the modern theme. Check out the geometric shapes in the house to get more ideas of what else to add for your modern decor.

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