What’s that smell? Does your home smell good?

Good or bad, smells affect you every single moment of your life. Any moment could be interrupted in a good way : Oh, I smell popcorn! or a not so good way : ” It’s your turn to change her diaper!” The right smell can bring back a child hood memory or make you crave a food. As a matter of fact, some consider it the 4th dimension. So how can you use that to make your home feel the absolute best? Consider how these smells can make you feel and combine it with your room colors and you will see your home become more than just a place to sleep.

Smell: Lavenderlavender

Lavender is a calm and soothing smell. It can help you to relax and unwind. It aids in helping you to fall and stay asleep.You can pair it with any soothing color, such as light purple, blues, or pale green. The result will be a space that you will crave every time you feel stressed out.  This is a great scent to put in your child’s room. Your bedroom will become a place to rest and relax. You could place it in the bathroom to create a spa like atmosphere. You definitely want to avoid areas that you want to be stimulated.You will want to avoid having lavender in your office. It does not make for an energizing day.

Smell: Cinnamoncinnamon

Cinnamon stimulates appetite and invigorates the spirit. Cinnamon works great with earth colors, such as brown, gold, or copper. For the optimum benefits of this scent you should place it where you eat.You want to use it in the kitchen or dining room.  Try putting a couple of cinnamon sticks in a pot of water to boil. Do not use this scent in the living room if you are wanting to avoid binge eating.

Smell: Lemon or citruscitrus

This smell make us think clean and tidy. It makes a room feel fresh. Place it in a room that has a mellow color tone. Any light airy color will work best to make the room fell spacious. Go for blue, yellow, or even white.Any room that you want to feel exceptionally clean. It can make your bedroom feel refreshing.If you choose to use a citrus scent in the bathroom it may make it feel empty and cold.

Smell: VanillaVanilla-Bean

Vanilla is a relaxing and calming scent. It is one that will ease stress and make you feel at home.

Vanilla works great with browns, blues, and black.Vanilla is perfect in your bedroom or in your living room. It will relax you and ease your mind.  Put it in any room that you want to be cozy.You do not want vanilla in your kitchen or in your bathroom. Most cleaning supplies will make the smell turn and produce the opposite effect that you want.

These are just a few smells for your home. Try exploring different scents until you find one you like.  There are countless ways to get amazing smells without chemicals or toxins. You just have to take an opportunity to try new things.


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