Design Ideas for Small Apartments with Room Divider and Hallway Decoration

Chic Design Ideas for Small Apartments

Live in the small apartment sometimes quite challenging. You absolutely need design ideas for small apartments in order to maximize your room to being larger. So you must try to figure out what is the best layout of your small apartment. You can have one-large style apartment with no divider and all furniture is placed in the edge of the room facing interior, or you can design it very effective and unique but also can contain many things by creating some dividers and some decorations.

Design Ideas for Small Apartments: Create a Hallway

Cool Design Ideas for Small Apartments

The unique thing when you brainstorm the design ideas for small apartments is the idea of the hallway and dividers. You can build a hallway in your small apartment room using the divider unless your landlord has been giving an existing hallway in your room. The divider, instead of placing it just to make a boundary between the bed zone and the entertainment zone, you can also make it perpendicular next to the entrance door. So, when your visitors enter your room, they will face your hallway first. You can put anything in your DIY hallway like your own painting as your small room decorating product, large mirror and its long table, and the shoe rack.

Design Ideas for Small Apartments: Divider

Fabulous Design Ideas for Small Apartments

After you place your DIY hallway facing to your bathroom, the next design ideas for small apartments is install the divider. You can cut middle of your hallway and change it into a slider door and the rest of the room you can divide in two asymmetrical sections. The bedroom tends to be smaller than the entertainment room where you can lay and playing game and watch TV. If you decided to build your own kitchen, divide the rest in three sections. Then, the divider can be opted from bookshelves, curtain, until the screen slider. We suggest you to use plywood, screen, or patio to become your hallway divider. Use the bookshelves to restrict your bedroom and use the bar-like kitchen island to restrict your DIY kitchen. That’s all you need to know in small room decorating ideas. We hope you like it.

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