Man Caves and Chick Sheds: Mutual Needs

Creating a “Man Cave” has become extremely popular with men everywhere.  This popularity actually includes any women in their lives, too!  A space for a man to have that is his own special area to relax, have fun, and just enjoy himself is important in any home.  Whether the space is created in an extra bedroom, a basement, a den. or in a garage that is attached or detached, the space should cater to what each individual man enjoys, such as hobbies, favorite sports, or other interests.  In many homes where there is a partner, be it man or woman, who typically does all of the decorating, a designated room for the significant other creates a good equilibrium to the balance.


Enter the “Chick Shed“!  The chick shed is all about the woman and her needs to have her own retreat, also!  Like the Man Cave, the Chick Shed can be created among any of the previously mentioned areas. The primary decorator of the home, be it man or woman, will many times choose to go with neutral, or mutually identifiable decor.  Therefore, the need for a Chick Shed is apparent as the need for a Man Cave!  An area to keep all of her favorite things to do is as easily attained as an area for the man!


Depending upon the person’s interests a Man Cave or a Chick Shed could include hobbies for the garage, such as car rebuilding and restoring, woodworking and carpentry, or even metalworking.  An area that is large enough to contain large projects and large equipment is important.  For cars, trucks, or motorcycles, there should be plenty of room to safely maneuver around and under the vehicle.  A good tool box or tool bench is also necessary. Proper ventilation is also important for these kinds of Man Caves.  Exhaust from vehicles should be properly vented with a hose that leads to the outside of the building.




When woodworking and metalworking ample space should be dedicated to the different types of saws, a jointer,  a planer, sanders, lathes, and drills that are required.  Shelving  and tool benches or boxes are needed for storing hardware like vises, nails, and screws needed for projects. There are many kinds of saws made for specialty woodworking such as: a circular saw, an oscillating saw, a jigsaw/reciprocating saw, table saw, and a band saw. These are some of the most important kinds of saws to own.  Combined with all of the other woodworking tools needed, a large area is needed to accommodate the amount of tooling and room to work for project completion.  Proper eye protection goggles and face masks to protect against debris from wood and metal are essential components for either the woodworking or metalworking.


Woodworking Tools

When metalworking a proper metal work table or bench is needed.  Layout tools such as a combination square, marking pencils, centerpunch, and a scriber can be stored on a bench or in a tool box, also. Drills, tig welders or mig welders with the proper tanks of gas should have enough room to store.  The work table should be made of a thick metal with nothing flammable in the immediate area,  The gas bottle should be chained to a wall, with the chains attached to wall studs.  If welding, a welding jacket, welding gloves, and welding helmet are also a must for protection.

The Man Cave or Chick Shed could include a small indoor archery range, or a hunting, camping, or hiking preparation area. The set-up for this could include peg boards attached to the walls with hooks for hanging fundamental items needed. Having a large area for a camping preparation area is crucial to the success of storing camping items, as well as hiking items. Tents, hiking boots, backpacks and other items can be set up to dry out if they have been in the snow or rain, so that they may be put away dry and free of any mold or mildew.




A game room is another fantastic idea for a Man Cave or a Chick Shed.  A pool table, a card gaming table, and a chess set at the ready placed upon a small table are ideal items to have in the room.  In addition, a t.v. and a gaming console can be mounted to the wall or placed on shelving.  Retro pinball games, a ping-pong table, an air-hockey or football table, and a shuffleboard are a few more fun ideas to place in the game room.  The game room could include a set-up for a band to practice.  Building a stage in the corner of the room or along a wall makes a dedicated area for the band instruments and equipment.   the room completion can include decor related to any hobby or interest.



A Man Cave or Chick Shed for pottery would be perfectly contained in an attached or unattached garage. A pottery wheel and chair should be place with plenty of room to work and not be bothered by any splatter that may be made during the forming of each piece. Shelving to store clay, paints, glazes, unfinished and finished pieces should be abundant.  A firing kiln is essential for the finishing of all pieces made.




Another idea for the Man Cave or Chick Shed is to create an Art Studio.  A well-lit room, preferably with windows for lots of natural light, in addition to electrical lighting is ideal for seeing colors and works in progress perfectly.  A table to hold easels for painting and a stool or a chair to sit upon while working are a necessity. A variety of easel sizes to accommodate different sizes of canvases for painting can be stored in a cabinet or on shelving.  Free-standing easels may be placed in the room, also.  A tool box in variable sizes according to how many art mediums the person wants to use would be a good place to store paints, whether they be acrylic, oil, or milk-based.  It can also be used to store brushes.




An art studio can include a variety of arts that do not have to be painting.  Visual arts such as wire art, mosaic art, felting art, card-making art, drawing and illustration, and stained glass art are all forms that work well for creation in a studio Man Cave or Chick Shed.  Crafted types of art, from molding clay models, creating jewelry, wood carving, to model car and ship creations can all be done in the Cave or Shed.  Textile creations like designing, cutting fabric, and sewing are another idea for the studio.  Any kind art a person can conceive in their mind, would be superb for the Cave or Shed Studio.





In the case of Man Caves and Chick Sheds the possibilities are endless, and mutually needed!  The imagination and interests of each person are what create the perfect Cave or Shed.  So let your love for all things “you” expand into a room that suits those loves.  There will never be any regret to pamper and supply yourself with things to do in your life that make you feel satisfied, accomplished, or simply relaxed and happy!  Cheers to the Man Cave and the Chick Shed!

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