Glass Lamp Shades for Elegant Home Interior Lighting 

Desktop Lamp with Glass Lampshade

If you’re looking for a great way to embellish your light fixtures, you may want to consider glass lampshades. The come in dazzling colors and styles to choose from which allows you to  achieve the exact look that you want. It is said that these glass fixtures date back to the Roman empire era when glassware was in its formative stages of development. With the advent of electricity, people began to use glass as lighting fixtures and the trend still, goes on to date.

DIY Pendant Glass Lampshade

Glass lampshades integrate style and functions well. They are very practical because the material is hardy and can withstand high temperatures from bulbs. The glass can be designed in various shapes and colors and this can add an artistic appeal to a room. If you want a vibrant, exotic look, you could opt for stained glass lampshades that are very eye-catching and create a brilliant prism of colors.

Antique Glass Lampshade

The internet is awash with supplies of glass lamp shades ranging from actual artisans to vintage store owners. Doing a little legwork is also necessary if you want to find the right glass lampshade to suit your home decor.

Glass Pendant Lampshades

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