DIY Method of Refinishing Vintage Copper and Brass Umbrella Stands

Woven Brass Umbrella Stand

An umbrella stand can be used as a great accessory for your entryway or foyer in addition to being a safe storage area for umbrellas. These stands are made out of various materials, however, copper and brass holders are a great option because they are sturdy, corrosion resistant and quite durable.

Due to wear and tear, these umbrella holders sometimes lose their luster. The structure may have scratches and look a bit faded. In order to rejuvenate this accessory, you need to find a way of refinishing the structure.

Mini Brass Umbrella Stand

If your umbrella stand is coated in lacquer it would be advisable to remove it before doing any refinishing. After doing this you can use brass polish which is easily available in hardware stores. Use a soft cloth to apply the polish from the bottom side going up. Ensure that you use protective gear such as gloves and protective glasses. Let the polish set for a couple of minutes and then polish it with a clean dry cloth. If you want to maintain the polished look for a long time then you can apply the lacquer coating. Make sure that you avoid leaving fingerprints when applying the lacquer which will negatively affect the final appearance.

Brass Umbrella Stand

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