The Elegance and Functionality of Cantilever Architectural Design

Elegant Cantilevered House

In basic terms a Cantilever is a structural element that is rigid and anchored at one end and this includes beams or plates. These structural elements  offer vertical support where they protrude from a larger structure. Essentially Cantilever buildings allow builders to construct overhanging structures without necessarily needing external bracing or support structures such as pillars. An overhanging balcony is an example of a small scale cantilever structure due to the fact that is protrudes from the main structure of the building.

Besides being a practical way of building, cantilever architecture further allows architects to use creativity with regard to home design.  Cantilever style buildings are one of the most innovative and attractive designs and are often used in high-end projects.

Cantilever Balcony

Most Cantilever style architectural homes have boxy, angular shapes that offer timeless elegance.  This has led to a rise in popularity for this type of house design especially in the luxury residential homes segment.  Commercial development are also recognizing the practical and aesthetic value of this building design.  Architects have gone a step further and are now creating exciting, ground-breaking designs that we can all appreciate. Modern technology is also helping improve cantilever designs with the introduction of special structural steel as well as reinforced concrete which enable cantilever structures carry more weight.

Here are a few more  images of residential homes that were build using the cantilever architectural design.

Long Cantilever House Design

Cantilevered Balancing Barn

Cantilervered House Nightshot



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