Ways of Caring for Garden Trees during Winter

Trees are great additions to any landscape and it is important to try as much as possible to ensure that they are cared for during all seasons.  A tree-care regime should be adopted during winter because the extreme cold makes the trees quite vulnerable. To make sure that the growing trees remain healthy through the cold season, the following measures should be adopted.

Clean Canopy

cleaning tree canopy

Begin by inspecting the canopy of each tree and removing any damaged, dead or loose branches.  A little additional pruning may also be required to remove unnecessary limbs or vines that may add unneeded weight, especially on the weaker branches.

Check Trunk and Bark

cleaning tree trunk and bark

It is important to inspect the trunk and bark for any dead wood and decay.  Any unnecessary debris should be removed carefully. Ensure that the outer part is structurally sound.


tree mulch

You need to cover the soil at the tree base with a layer of protective mulch. This is especially needed for young trees that have just been planted since they are vulnerable to root damage in cold and wet weather.  The mulch layer should be between 4 and 8 inches and spread approximately 2 to 3 feet from the trunk.

Tree Wrapping

tree wrapping

Very young trees need protective wrapping especially fruit trees. This goes a long way in protecting their bark from splitting which often happens during extreme winter conditions. The wrapping used ranges from burlap to tree wrap fabric.  You could also use any other fabric that is able to sustain the frigid conditions.

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